Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tour of Bennington College Early Childhood Center

The Bennington College Early Childhood Center has been in operation for 75 years, and was accredited by NAEYC in 2003. Recently the Center signed an agreement with the Shaftsbury School District to enroll children in the pre-k program under Act 62's pre-k for all funding law.
The Center's pre-k and kindergarten classroom is combined and housed in a building once used to shelter turkeys on the college's farm. It is full of everything you'd find in a high quality center - lots of fun and stimulating things for kids to do.

Rep. Anne Mook (left) of Bennington sat on the House Education Committee and was very helpful in passing the pre-k funding bill. Bennington College Provost and Dean Ellisa Tenny (right) attended the tour too.
Rep. Mary Morrissey (foreground) and Rep. Bill Botzow toured the center today with the other legislative candidates. Here they are watching the children harvest carrots from their vantage point on the playground boardwalk.
Rep. Cynthia Browning also attended the tour.
Rep. Botzow in the classroom.

Program Director Darlene Bombard has been with the program for 20 years as a teacher and director.

A warm day in Autumn - a perfect time to play outside with water - and to tour a lovely pre-k program.

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